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Monday Woes: Always Sustain Your Resilience.

Happy Miraculous Monday ✨️

Sometimes, the miracle is simply the fact you're still sane, functioning and processing fully after all the shit you've endured. Clap for yourself!

It's 2:30pm as I type this and today has been brutal so far. I've been up for a while. I did some reading. Some emotions distracted me. Some tears fell. I went into some deep thinking. I did very little work. I haven't drank any water yet. I haven't done my meditation or workout yet.

Although I haven't explained publicly exactly what I'm dealing with that got me in a crazy space lately, I will say I'm experiencing something I never experienced, something I never thought I would experience, and something that sometimes I feel I shouldn't be experiencing... It's so tough. Then I breathe and remember that regardless of what I think or feel, it's happening, and the fact it's happening means it has significant purpose and power to either derail me fully or propel me to higher heights. I breathe some more. More tears fall. I breathe in all the energies related to the latter.

I also realize that I've been counting the days. Today is 57 days. Smh. In that, I haven't been making the days fully count. I haven't been fully present. And that's not good. That's actually detrimental. I can do better. I will do better. I must do better.

I often say, our greatest challenges are the ingredients needed to bring forth our greatest success stories. I know this. I innerstand this. It doesn't make it less painful, but it does make me know the pain isn't unbearable, it isn't eternal, and it has only come to transform me into the person I know myself to be at the highest level. So I lean in. I embrace every feeling and thought I have related to the subject matter. Then I breathe deeply and slowly. This is the process of healing through pain as it's happening. This is the key. Can you maintain your composure, remember your faith and keep your integrity even when you may very well be the subject of someone's storm? How much love and compassion is in your heart?

Remember that you are one with God/The Divine and so things aren't happening to you, they are happening for you - for your growth and ascension. This is what I remind myself.

Tap in.

We got greatness inside of us!

Willing every reader of these words a blissful, powerful and successful week.

Love ❤️ ,


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