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A Dream Once Deferred, Now Actualizing.

Please do keep in mind, that before anything, I'm an Artiste, a Creator, then I'm a Revolutionary, and then I'm an Activist...... I mean, since very young I knew I'd be a star. You can ask my aunt, my uncles, my cousins, etc. From reenacting wrestling and ghostbusters stuff, to rewriting episodes of Martin and having my classmates act em out in high school, to making masks out of plaster for my theater class at Kingsboro Community College, and even at 15/16, my childhood friend and I wrote a 60 page script, etc... This is who I am...

I've always had big dreams, and they've always involved seeing my name and my face on TV and the Big Screen....... So please don't get it twisted. This ain't nothing new. This is a dream once deferred and now remembered and embraced fully.... My activism is real too. 6 years old in South Jamaica Queens with my crazy Jamaican grandfather giving out turkeys and stuff. My love of my people is real. After my dad passed in August 1995, my brother Leroy took me to the Million Man March in October.... Plus my father was family oriented and super black power, by action not by words...

Ima lay my life out right here.... I intend to use my artistic skills to make hundreds of millions of dollars in TV and film and through other art forms, to fully fund my own philanthropic endeavors such as this FREE NATION initiative, youth trips, schools, clinics, etc... This is the way it should be.

I'm grateful a lot of people see me and introduce me as an Activist, but I'm an Artist dawg, and my Art is essentially human services.... The best thing is when you can use your innate talents and developed skills to positively impact lives and make the whole world a better place. That's living right there.

BIG thanks to the brother whom I first met when he came to my screening on May 6th in Queensbridge, and who while watching my documentary texted his friend at HBO like "we gotta get this story to a larger audience..." And after 3 months of emails and trying to align schedules, a meeting with a Black Woman at HBO finally happened yesterday......

Now we let the Universe do what the Universe does...... POPPA, MOMMA, WE HERE!!!!!!

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