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Journey To Redemption

Yesterday in Queensbridge I walked up on a group of crackheads and dope fiends, some of whom I've know for a long time and sold drugs to before, some I met for the first time yesterday ... Some of them were nodding off as I walked up. I got their attention. I told them what we were doing with the collateral consequences of emerging adults project... Told them that we wanted to hear their stories of being arrested as a young person and how that has impacted their life and how it feels having a record, etc ... A few said they were interested, but when I came back an hour later, only this woman here, Heather Renee, was ready to go. Man. We rode the train together. And we talked. I got to know her. Man. I'm so so grateful. Ultimately, she's 28, addicted to crack and heroine, but she desperately wants help changing her life, get a job working with children or in a nursing home, and be a good mom to her children. Man. When she expressed her interest she said "I'll do the interview. I'm strung out you know, but I do want to change my life at some point." Man man man. Yo, this sister was on the train doing her make-up. When we got to the location she went in the bathroom and fixed her hair up. I'm so so proud of her. I was so emotional. We fed her. We gave her money for her time and for sharing part of her story, and a Metro card. Before the interview started she said "I like the energy in this room. I normally have bad social anxiety, but you guys make me feel safe." After the interview she said "I need someone I can call and talk to, like a mentor you know?" I gave her my number and said "you got me. Here's my number. I help people change their life for a living. I'ma help you for free. Call me whenever and let's get it done. You got this! I believe in you." Yo! Wild! Divine! Overwhelming emotion. We ain't title my doc "American Hero: Still Running The Streets" for nothing ju heard!!! #impact #worldhealer #healtheworld #HealTheWorldMinistries #sugaray #pushinghumanityforward #BeInspired #takecareofthepeople #showlove #dontjudge

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