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The Power of Fasting: Community Spotlight with Toni Hazel

Meet Toni Hazel, a fellow writer, actress, and educator I know from my hometown Queens, NYC. When I put the call out a few days ago looking for folks who have fasted before to highlight in a forthcoming story, she was the first one to respond with enthusiasm. I love that. Let's get to know Toni a bit below.


Toni Hazel is a proud educator and romance novelist. A native of Jamaica Queens, she stumbled into writing and became an established author in 2020. When she is not getting revenge by ink on paper, she is merely a family oriented woman. Her loves are animals, children, and the arts. Gospel and R&B music are her favorite tunes. She is proud to be living in the skin of a black woman. A woman on a constant hunt for growth and excitement in her adulthood, the sky is the only limit for her.

So Toni, thank you for agreeing to let me feature you for this community spotlight on fasting. Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions.

SR: Have you fasted before?

TH: Yes. I have fasted before. I would have to say I've fasted more than 10 times.

SR: Why do you fast?


I fast for spiritual reasons first.

I fast to get clarity from God. I also fast if I want to receive money, and to detox my body.

SR: How long did you fast?

TH: The longest I've fasted for would have to be 14 days.

SR: What has been the biggest benefit you've noticed from fasting?


The biggest benefit would have to be a clear conscious.

SR: What was the biggest challenge during your fast?

TH: The lack of energy for the first few days was the biggest challenge by far.

SR: What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about fasting?

TH: I think the biggest misconception is simply that most people don't think it's possible.

If you can't control yourself from having food, you can't control your life.

You can't have dominion and be able to in tap with yourself spiritually or on any level if food controls you. Another misconception about fasting is that it happens between certain times of the day. No. Fasting is no food at all.

Thank you for being on your own journey of self improvement, Toni. And thanks for agreeing to be this week's community spotlight feature. Much love, good health, and prosperity to you.


Lashawn "Suga Ray" Marston


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