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The Power Of 2Feathers: A Woman Determined To Heal and Unite Men and Women Around The World.

Photo By Linda Richard

Since the day I met Luciann "2Feathers" Berrios, I knew she was a powerful woman to be reckoned with. She is a six time published poet, women empowerment advocate, Reiki Master, internationally certified meditation guide and sound practitioner. She studied under the guidance of renowned practitioner Jackie Cantwell who is a resident of the Deepak Chopra Global, George MacPherson of "Sound of the Times", Recording artist and Sound practitioner Luna Maye, sound Practitioner Lynda Arnold, co founders of Awarehouse, Sound Therapist Devi Mambouka and more. She is chair of a Puerto Rico based wellness center for battered women, Women in Need PR. She facilitates sound meditations not only for group sessions, but also private one on one sessions as well as for a community grief support group in Queensbridge. As someone from Latin and indigenous culture, music and sound is one of the staples in her communities. So it’s her hope and vision to bring these types of healing modalities to black and brown communities and cultures that don’t necessarily feel welcomed into westernized wellness spaces. She is registered with and accredited by Meditation Alliance International.

In my interview with her we talked about her personal experience with domestic abuse, as well as how she got into reiki, meditation, sound healing, how she got into writing poetry and much more. She offered us so much wisdom, some of I'm sure was a bit painful to express in this way. I'm grateful for her strength and tenacity.

I cannot wait for you all to watch this interview. Please share with your network.

You can watch her interview by clicking the following link:

Here are a few key take aways for me.

  • "Self care is incredibly important, especially in our busy lives in big cities." L. Berrios

  • The 1st poem she wrote at 11 yrs old came after the Oklahoma City Bombing. She won a public speaking award for that.

  • Her taking Steve, a blind man, to art exhibits, gave her a new appreciation of how she experiences art.

  • "Many of us do reiki without even realizing we're doing it. One way is when a child scrapes their knee, we rub the hurt area, and the child ends up feeling better." - L. Berrios

  • She got into reiki when her mom got sick. Her cousin was helping her mom with reiki. Her mom, who was more into traditional western medicine, couldn't believe how good she felt after a reiki session. That eventually led her to delve into that practice and become a master in it.

  • "The earth provides. We are one with the earth and everything in nature. We should believe in our capacity to heal ourselves." - L. Berrios

  • A lot of the abuse in relationships today and over the years can be linked to ancestral trauma of people being raped and violated.

  • Many men abuse women because they themselves are hurting.

  • "The things I've done that have had the most success and have felt the best is when there's been collaboration in planning and execution." - L. Berrios

  • "Grief comes with a lot of heartbreak, so working with the heart Chakra sound bowl is good in that way." - L. Berrios

  • A counselor in high school introduced her to breath work to help her intestinal spasms.

  • Her experience with losing her mom drove her deeper into many healing modalities, which ultimately birthed one of her most profound messages, "Your mess can become your magic."

  • "Use your voice. Speak your truth. Your voice can impact a star millions of miles away. Your voice is powerful. P

As you can tell from the take-aways alone, this interview was filled with gems and wisdom that we all can use in our lives, regardless of what stage of our journey we're on.

Follow Luciann on Instagram and Facebook and support her Summer Shine Event happening this Sunday at Urban Vegan Roots in Queens.

Thanks for reading this article and for watching this interview.

Til next time.

Peace ✌🏿 and Love ❤️

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Jun 07, 2023

This is amazing

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