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Powerful & Creative: A Conversation With Shaun Commodore Of NACE Apparel.

Shaun Commodore, CEO of NACE Apparel, sporting a sweatshirt and trucker cap from his brand.

A few weeks ago at the Rich Rome Apparel launch I attended in Harlem, I met another fashion designer whose gear caught my eye. Shaun Commodore is the CEO of NACE Apparel and launched his fashion brand alongside my dear brother Boobie Nells, who is the CEO of Rich Rome Apparel.

I sent the brother some interview questions so I could feature him on this site. Please read the following interview and show the brother some love!

SR: Hey brother. It was a pleasure meeting you at the Rich Rome Apparel launch a few weeks back. Your royal blue sweater was the first item I picked up. I instantly fell in love with it. I actually can't wait to wear it again. So, let's talk about it.

SC: First off, it was a pleasure meeting you there as well, and we thank you for your support.

SR: What is Nace Apparel and what is the inspiration behind it?

SC: NACE Apparel comes from my middle name which is Nace. It also means (Newly Artistic Clothing Experience) which is an umbrella for my other brand Cultural Luvin Minds. The inspiration behind it is creating a legacy for yourself and your family which represents the culture and environment we have all grown up in and making sure they understand the growth.

SR: How did you get into clothing and fashion?

SC: I have always loved fashion! As a youngster, I used to be part of an after school program called 'Boys Harbor', where they taught us how to model and walk in shows.

I really started to appreciate fashion and designs when people started making their own brands. That's when you got to see the creativity.

My brother Boobie inspired me as well because he was into designing clothes heavy.

Shaun Commodore posing with longtime friend & brother Boobie Nells at the Rich Rome Apparel launch.

SR: What was one of the biggest challenges in launching your clothing line? How did you overcome that challenge?

SC: I would say that time was the biggest challenge. I coach and train with a basketball program, so I wasn’t really able to go as hard as I wanted to. I was able to overcome that challenge simply by focusing on just a few of the many ideas I had, and not trying to do everything.

SR: What drives you?

SC: My family, my kids.

The idea of knowing that I am creating something that they are part of and the fact we will prevail together.

That really drives me.

SR: What is your relationship with Boobie of Rich Rome Apparel and how did that partnership develop?

SC: We are childhood friends since we were 10yrs old, but we call each other brothers because growing up all we did was be at each other house. From Harlem to QB, we rode our bikes across the bridge and back. I’m his kids godfather as he is mine. We have each other's back no matter what, so when he said that he wanted to be part of the launch and started pushing daily, I was hype.

SR: How do you feel the launch of your clothing line went?

SC: I felt it went okay. I wish I would have had more sizes available. People were asking for particular sizes that I didn't have.

You just take notes and add that to the catalog. 

SR: What is a message you would like to leave with our readers?

SC: I would like for them to understand the person who is behind this brand and what I am about. All I know is taking care of my people and making sure they know we can overcome anything if we stand together. There is so much division in our communities. Too many black folks don't want to see the next individual succeed.

Instead of hating, they should be inspired and embrace that person's success.

That way, we can start opening more black banks, owning more storefronts, and buildings which empower us ! 

SR: How can our readers support you and your brand?

SC: They can support my brand by going to the site. And they can support me by following me on IG @NaceApparel or @Shaun_Commodore. Thank you once again for this opportunity to enlighten those who are not aware. Much Love and Blessings and remember to stay Powerful and Creative 

Thank you brother, for taking the time to answer these questions. And thank you for the good energy. I appreciate you and look forward to witnessing your growth and success. Much love!


Lashawn "Suga Ray" Marston


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