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Music, Fashion, and Cannabis: How One Father Is Building A Family Legacy Rooted In His Own Hobbies.

Growing up in Queens in 1992, when Kendall Evans got his first DJ equipment, there was no way he could've known a simple interest in music would take him around the world. That ultimately lead to him launching a fashion brand, which then spawned into him growing his own cannabis and subsequently launching his own cannabis strain alongside his oldest son. As he mentions in our interview, "It was just a thing for me back then."

You can watch the 60-minute interview by clicking the following link:

This is my nephew. He's older, though. Since we were young, I knew he had greatness in him. Although there was no way I could've known his love for music would bring him around the world, I did know, even at a young age, that there was something different and special about him. Kendall, who is more accurately known around the world as Ganja Fingaz, would spend a great majority of his time in the garage playing music. He had more records than some record stores I've been in. For real. He has always loved music. He's always been involved in the music scene. He is what I, and I'm sure many others would call, a music connoisseur.

What personally makes me extremely proud of him is how he has continued to develop and even reinvent himself. In the interview you'll learn what led him to start designing t-shirts and now a blown clothing brand.

Deeper than that, I really love and appreciate that he is building his cannabis business and cultivating his own strains alongside his oldest son, my grandnephew, who is truly the mastermind behind the science aspect of the whole process. It's a beautiful thing to witness.

They are launching their cannabis line at a private event on Friday, June 9th (later today).

Click this following link for more info and to RSVP and secure your attendance:

Here a couple of quick take-aways from our interview:

  • Started djing at 12 years of age. Got equipment when he graduated at 12 and dj'd his own 13th birthday party.

  • His Uncle Leroy told him "Find something you love and hone in on that."

  • "In the midst of all the noise and chaos I always found peace in music. I felt I could express myself and get lost in the music."

  • "Because music was my getaway, there was no challenge for me to stay focused. No one could take me away from that. I've always lived my emotions through my music."

  • Biggest highlights: doing sound clash at Hempstead high school party and making $300 a night from ages 15-17yrs old.

  • Playing in Japan 8 times, that became his favorite place to play.

  • His cousin Roshinda told him to make clothes with his name on it to wear when djing.

  • "The streets teach us that you sometimes have to lose, in order to win."

  • Going to prison because of an overreaction, having friends testify against him in court, led to him ultimately doing things differently when he came home.

  • His Mom taught him that doing wrong was right, and he followed. However, while incarcerated at his Aunt's funeral, while his Mom was also incarcerated at the funeral, he realized that whole lifestyle and mentality was a sham. His anger towards his Mom is what made her go home and get clean and turn her life around.

  • His children made him really think about consequential actions because he doesn't want to be away from them. They keep him on straight and narrow

  • "One the keys to success in business is to be honest with yourself."

  • Certi5ied brand is not about the hype, its about the quality.

  • There is power in ownership and the legacy is that a business you start, your grandchildren and great grandchildren can also be part of when they come around. Ownership is control.

  • Certi5ied strain launch is about real weed, that's been harvested within the last 2 months.

  • Using cannabis as a tool to build community and unite the people.

  • "Never give up. Handle your business today. Stop procrastinating. Expect to lose at times, and that's the only way you're going to win."

I hope you all enjoy this article, the interview, and I hope to see some of you at the Certi5ied cannabis strain launch.

This what legacy looks like!

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