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Happy World Vegan Day!

I got a serious personal mission to transform the whole world into being vegan. Think it's extreme? Possibly. But so is all the food related illnesses that's killing the people I love dearly. Plus, you are what you eat. Wonder why youth in the hood are so violent? You're feeding them dead cows and chickens and ducks and all the other animals that were pumped with toxic chemicals and then brutally slaughtered.... You are carrying that Karma.

Humans don't need to eat meat to live and thrive. We don't have to kill animals so that we can eat good and dress nice. Plus the meat production industry is the cause of soooooo much that's wrong with the environment. Man. We literally killing ourselves. And for what? Profit! We gotta get smarter and more disciplined.

Changing my diet and lifestyle is the best thing that's happened to me.

Better sleep.

Better skin.

Better body odor.

More emotional control.

More mentally sharp.

Physically stronger.

More creative.

More intuitive.

Higher sex drive.

Etc etc etc.

I want everyone to experience life at an optimal level.

This is my wish.

I will will it into existence.

S/o my brother Miles "Hollyhood" Casso for joining me on this journey. And with him, we connected with Urban Vegan Kitchen in Manhattan and then Urban Vegan Roots in Queens to combine efforts in pushing Vegan culture across the city.

I wanna give a BIG S/O to all the sponsors and supporters who aren't Vegan but support our mission. I'm super grateful for each of you.

Happy World Vegan Day!!!

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