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Happy Throwback Thursday: A Trip Down Memory Lane.

Let's go wayyyy back to 2008/2009. This is one of the FIRST banners my dear friend and partner Tiffany "Giftedone" Hines made for me after I changed my life at the end of 2008... Yep, although I came out of prison in 2007 and my mind was a little different, I still hustled the whole fucking time I was on parole. Lmao. Wild shit! I literally stopped hustling like 2 months after I finished parole in 2008. Sheeesh smh

Anyway, when I bought my first video camera from a crackhead, and turned a crackhouse into a film studio, I had no idea what the future held, but I knew I wasn't going back to prison and I knew I was a creative genius at my core...

All these years later... I've acted in stage plays, short films, skits, been an extra in feature films, and now playing a role in a feature length comedy film. And I got soooooo much more in store acting wise. I've written, directed and produced films, skits, short documentaries and more. I've published books and all.

I know many people see me and introduce me as an Activist because of my commitment to addressing the issues plaguing my community ... and I know my activism in my community is what has brought me some sort of fame and fortune, but I don't like that box. I'm not the activist you think of in these suits, speaking all politically correct, talking down on folks in the hood, in the streets, chasing behind ambulances, begging people for opportunity and to stop killing us. Nah. I'm not that guy. Those are REACTivists. They just react to shit with no real vision for humanity.

Anyway, I'm an artist dawg, a creative entrepreneur. A visionary. My brain constantly bursts with creative ideas of all sorts, particularly around films, skits and things of that nature. I'm excited to commit myself more to the craft I love as I inch closer to 39... This next chapter in my journey, fully immersed in the creative arts, is going to be funnnnn!!!!!

I AM an actor, director, producer and writer. I AM!

I'm excited! You should be too! Together we can use the arts to transform america and heal our hurting world.

Let's do it!

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#TogetherWeRise 💛


Keep yourself in your creative pursuits. You are seen


MaNazah Chandler
MaNazah Chandler
03 de nov. de 2022

The ARTS are very therapeutic and the world would be extremely dull without them. Continue to shine your light and heal the world in your own unique way. You're appreciated! - @mama_nazah

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