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Happy Freedom Friday: What Does Freedom Mean To You?

Listen... there is nothing more important than Freedom. You must Liberate yourself from all which oppresses you. Our very existence and that of all animate beings, is to pursue Freedom. The ability to exist as we are, in our fullness, expressing our full desires, so long as we aren't infringing on anyone else's freedoms. By any means necessary.

It's been written and spoken about since antiquity, yet the question must still be asked. What does FREEDOM mean to you?! Truly. If you must ask permission to do something, or if you are punished for doing something, that does not harm anyone else in the truest sense, then you are not free. The late great Poetic Messenger and Prophet Tupac Amaru Shakur said "currency means nothing if you still ain't free money breed jealousy take the game from me.." And it takes a collective to gain the freedom for even one person. And money is a means to secure that freedom. "Money, Power, Respect is the key to life..." yall heard and probably rapped those lyrics. All great empires are built on money, power and respect. Shit.

Listen, you cannot have justice without freedom. All you'll get is someone else's perception of what they think is fair. You cannot have peace if you are not free. What you have is contentment and complacency. You cannot truly be if you are not free. What you'll have is fleeting moments of joy. Ahhh.. Cmon!

Where is your heart? Why are you so afraid to break free? Why are you hell bent on attacking your brothers and sisters in front of the world? You, those who discard your brother and sister because of their pursuit of freedom, are no better than the slave catchers sicking dogs on us... yall are the new dogs. Smh

Family is everything! You, Black folks in America, will never be free until you learn what true brotherhood, sisterhood and family means. Loyalty is royalty. Have faith in your God. The time to rise is now! The world is falling apart. We have everything we need to build a new world for ourselves and our babies forever more, right now.

Seriously tho, what does Freedom mean to you? #freedom #justice #liberation #fridayvibes #writing

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