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Alcohol Free Is The Way To Be: An Exciting New Partnership With Tost Beverages!

As many of you may know, I used to be a heavy drinker. I mean, even as a 14/15 year old freshman and sophmore in high school, I was drinking 99 banana early in the morning. I even passed out in gym one day. I had to get taken to the nurses office in a wheelchair. My friends were laughing at me. I was so embarrassed. It was bad. I used to drink Remy Martin and Hennessey daily with my man Bo Hound. My man Green Eyes and I would drink two 40s of Coors Light at 8/9am before going outside to hustle. Man. When I caught my case that sent me to prison for 3 years, I was drunk off 3 liters of Hennessey within a 9 hour time frame. Man. It was crazy. I had fights being drunk. I remember I was driving a crackhead's car with 2 of my friends with me, and when we got to the McDonalds drive through I fell asleep at the wheel. I crashed 2 parked cars that night. Smh. Man. There are so many hard memories with alcohol.

Not only are there many personal bad memories for me associated with alcohol, I've also lost friends, who were more like brothers, from directly being impacted by alcohol, or other things happening because they were drunk. In 2005/2006 while I was incarcerated, a big brother figure, Steimy, passed away from an illness related to alcohol. Then, in 2020, early in the pandemic, my dear brother Kiing Shooter passed away from liver failure. Those hurt deeply.

Anyway, I haven't had an alcoholic drink since January 13th, which is almost 5 months. I'm so very proud of myself. I made that decision for my own health reasons, because although I hadn't necessarily had any bad experiences with alcohol lately, I knew that it was only hurting me, not helping in any way, and it didn't go along with me mission of attaining optimal health in my own life and inspiring others to do the same in theirs.

I got put on to Tost Beverages by my Urban Vegan Roots family and fell in love with it instantly. As you all know, I'm committed to attaining optimal health in my own life and inspiring as many people as possible to do the same in theirs. I reached out to them and informed them of my work around health & wellness. I told them that I would like to partner with them to further push the message that we can all have a good time and enjoy life without the use of alcohol. Needless to say, they obliged. I'm very excited about this partnership.

I knew that this drink was good and that my influence was real when my dear brother Ruc bought a bottle to go at my birthday party. Even more so, the brother has been ordering Tost by the case since then. And there was a time when he self-professed to be a blunted alcoholic. I'm proud of him. Although he drinks alcohol still, the fact that he is drinking Tost is a sign that he knows what's up. I give it a matter of time before he, like myself and many others, completely let alcohol go. I mean, we have to think, what is alcohol really doing for us?

Anyway, I received a few bottles of Tost yesterday. I am planning to shoot a commercial very soon with my dear brother Mr. Lost Shots, an extremely talented filmmaker/documentarian, and so much more. A friend who lives here in Long Island City, whom has an incredible balcony in her apartment with a view overlooking the city, agreed to let me shoot the commercial there. This is going to be so very good.

I'm extremely grateful for this opportunity to partner with a brand such as Tost in pushing a positive message around wellness. This is going to be incredible! Stay tuned. Until then, go order yourselves some Tost and take your health back from the nasty ills of alcohol. I believe you can do it. I need you to believe you can do it.

This is what influence looks like!

Cheers 🥂

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